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The Key

Wise Money Choices for Teens

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Marjorie Anderson shares her financial expertise and wisdom with today's teens and their parents by helping them learn to make wise money choices that will impact their future.

To fully discover how much the material in this book was needed, the author surveyed 100 middle and high school students about a variety of financial topics. The full survey and findings became the basis for the book. Every teen household should have a copy of this book!


"If it is taught at an early age, it becomes a habit" -Thomas, middle school


"It is needed to jumpstart teens on basic money principles" -Jasmine, sophomore


"Financial skills are vital in learning to manage a household when you become an adult" -Calvin, junior


"It prepares students for when they are on their own" -Travis, senior


"It is needed so you can learn how to manage your money before it's a necessity" -Anna, sophomore


"If you teach your family how to live and how to manage their finances early in life, they will take the knowledge with them and, and in turn, pass it down to their children and their children's children" -Marjorie L. Anderson

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